"The first-class consultation process reached out to a wide range of audiences and helped local people gain a better understanding of the benefits of our sustainable energy development"

- REG Wind Power

No one knows a site better than its local community. We listen to local people; we engage stakeholders in the design process and we learn from our communities.

We run workshops and events where we gather vital local knowledge which can be fed back into designs for the built environment. A scheme which has incorporated local knowledge will be better liked, filled with social capital and ultimately will become a nicer place to be. Excellent consultation empowers local communities and gives them ownership of a scheme’s design. Your Shout aims to ease the planning and construction process both for the community and the site’s owner. 

We write consultation strategies which are tailored to each individual project. At the end of the process we write a Community Involvement Report. We love to work on a project as early as possible but we are happy to jump on board later in the process. It is never too late to consult!

We start every project by carrying out community and context research. We identify stakeholders in the community and go to meet with them in their own homes, at local schools, at local council meetings or at interest group meetings.

We love to bring stakeholders together for workshops or charrettes where we gather vital local knowledge that can be fed back to the design team. We plan workshops for children to help spread the word about a project. Children’s workshops are designed to be incorporated into art, maths and science curriculums.

Our online consultation services include building interactive websites and communicating with our consultees using social media. We use online survey tools and applications to make sure we reach all the right people.

Our directly employed fieldworkers hand deliver leaflets and carry out street surveys.

We host professional exhibitions and other public consultation events. Our team design advertising and exhibition material, select suitable venues and attend the event on the day. Throughout the process we take fantastic photographs and videos which we incorporate into our Community Involvement Report and via our online portals.