Cambridgeshire Wind Farm


At our planning committee hearing Councillor Dew stated that “future applicants should take note of this thorough consultation work”. 

This project involved engaging with the local community on plans for four wind turbines in Ramsey, Huntingdon. During the consultation we worked with many local residents and interest groups including the local Town Council, the Neighbourhood Forum, the Residents' Association and the Neighbourhood Management Group. After meeting with engineers from our client team, many residents' fears about the development were alleviated. 

We promoted the project at Ramsey’s Party on the Field. We asked local children to create efficient turbine blades, using paper and a small motor. Children developed their designs with the help of engineers from the client team. We also ran a ‘name a turbine’ competition.

Further consultation with local schools included site visits to a local wind farm.

We helped to allocate our client’s community fund: to the local pre-school and to the local Royal British Legion.