Fieldwork and Surveys



Our fieldworkers carry out street surveys and hand deliver leaflets and invitations for consultation events. Our fieldworkers are directly employed by us which means that we can be sure exactly who has been contacted.

Our fieldworkers use tablets with specially designed applications to help them with their surveying. We customize the interface for each survey to suit its audience. Results are sent back to our people database & communication system so that we can review and map results as they collected in real time. 

We make sure that our fieldworkers carry out surveys across a range of times and locations, so that results represent the views of each diverse community. Find out more about our street surveys on our Community Strategy Thurrock and Local Plans for Lambeth pages.

Outdoor consultation events can be the best way to reach busy people. We host fun outdoor events which people enjoy attending on their way to and from their home or places of work. Find out more about outdoor events on our Social Housing Oxford page.

We also have our brand, which helps identify supporters who wish to write supportive letters about planning applications.  Watch the video here about Yes to Homes.