Workshops and Charrettes

"every effort has been made to take on board advice from local experts"

- Millbrook Parish Council

We bring stakeholders, design consultants and client teams together for design workshops and charrettes. 

Our events enable local people to share their expert insider knowledge with members of the design and client teams. We aim to identify opportunities for community benefit, as well as alleviating any concerns that local people might have about developments. 

Following a visit to site, our local research workshops bring our stakeholder/design/client team together to build a model or a map of our site. Whilst hands are busy building and drawing our team exchanges professional ideas and vital local knowledge. Our designs are improved by responding to local knowledge and our communities begin to take ownership of a design which they have played a part in developing. 

We take our maps and models along to later public events, where they can be used as a base, for consultees to leave flags or post-its with further ideas and incites. As well as providing a fun activity, exhibiting work we have made together helps to promote the links that we have made in the community. 

Sustainable energy projects often raise concerns in local communities. We find the best way to alleviate concerns and to promote the benefits of sustainable energy - is to speak to parents through their children. We run workshops with children and organise site visits. Find out more about the work we have done in schools on our Cambridgeshire Wind Farm page.

We carry out design workshops in the form of one day/afternoon/evening events with targeted community groups; or longer events with key representatives from diverse stakeholder groups.