Leadenhall Street

New office building and restoration of 19-21 Billiter Street 

“textbook example of best practice consultation"

- chief planner at the City of London 

Located in the heart of the insurance district in the City of London, 40 Leadenhall Street comprise a double height office lobby and retail space at ground level, with up to 34 storeys of office space above. The project involved intensive restoration of the historic façade of 19-21 Billiter Street.

For this consultation exercise we organised a series of one-to-one meetings with (amongst others) the nearest residents, churches, a charity HQ and the local pub. To reach out to the rest of the local community we organised two high profile exhibition days (one before the planning submission and one after). Throughout the consultation process we made all our information available online on our interactive consultation website. Our consultation process helped to shape some of the finer details of the site logistics such as the construction management plan. During the construction phase our client added measures to protect historic fabric and artefacts within the nearby church.