Exhibitions and Public Events



We host public events and exhibitions to showcase our client's ever developing plans for the built environment. Our events give our design and client teams the opportunity to learn more about their site from the people who know it best: the local community. Our consultees help to develop plans by giving their views on the scheme as it stands, and by suggesting opportunities for how the local community can benefit. Technical consultants are also available to talk to members of the public about any concerns that they might have. 

Before we start planning our events we identify our key stakeholder groups. We make sure that we tailor our events to encourage harder to reach groups to attend. This might involve hosting outdoor events so that we can speak to busy people as they come to and from their places of work; or by providing activities for children so that parents are free to contribute whilst their kids are entertained. Find out more about outdoor events on our Social Housing Oxford page.

As well as our designs for the site, we like to exhibit explorative models and maps that we have made with the community at prior consultation events. These can be used as a base, where consultees can leave notes on their views and their insider knowledge of the site.

Our in house graphics team design the graphical content (design boards, leaflets, posters, advertising) for our exhibitions. We work with client and design teams to develop appropriate and accessible branding for our schemes. 

Our in house fieldworkers hand deliver leaflets and invitations for our events, so that we can be sure that we have reached all of our stakeholders.