Social Housing Oxford

New social housing and public green space 


We worked with Oxford City Council to consult on their proposals for new affordable homes and public amenity space on a disused allotment site near Oxford. Our ability to work closely with the authority’s own community liaison team was crucial, as we used their local knowledge to help tailor the public consultation to reach as many people as possible.

We started our consultation by meeting one-to-one with local stakeholders. When plans began to take shape we hosted a dedicated outdoor event designed to engage with members of the neighbouring estate. We caught up with busy residents under our gazebo as they went to and from their homes.

In order to reach the rest of the local community the team organised a community fun day, which featured activities for children (face painting, a bouncy castle, etc.) refreshments and a raffle. The event attracted people of all ages, the vast majority of whom also took the time to look at the plans and speak to the project team. The scheme has now gained full planning permission.