construction phase engagement



Your Shout works with neighbours and local stakeholders throughout the construction phase of building projects.

We design, print and distribute regular hard copy / electronic newsletters to keep neighbours up to date with progress on site. We set up and man 24 hour freephone services for the local community and we regularly update a website for the works. We go to meet our neighbours to talk through any issues that may arise.

We help work out the best ways to minimise the impacts of construction for our neighbours. This sometimes involves offering window and car washing; protecting precious objects inside homes; helping to protect gardens & landscaping; or negotiating the best times for loud works & deliveries.

We look for ways to reach out to our new neighbours such as displaying local artwork on hoarding; sponsoring local community events; and opening up our sites to local students who might be interested in working in the construction industry. 

Here's our latest construction phase video: