Consultation For Estate Regeneration


Close consultation with residents and other stakeholders is extremely important when preparing to regenerate housing estates. In this circumstance, excellent consultation can help to develop designs which will give estates a new lease of life, and programmes of work that will minimise disruption for local residents.           

When we work on estate regeneration schemes, we continue to reach out to each and every resident throughout the design and construction processes. We start every consultation by finding local champions in our estate. Our champions help us to understand our estate's population and the best way to reach them. 

A key part of every estate regeneration consultation involves our fieldworkers going door to door armed with clear and concise printed information which has been designed by our in house graphics team. We organise events and meetings which are suited to our consultees. This may involve attending residents' association and interest group meetings; organising site trips to finished estates; coffee mornings; events for children and families; events for the elderly; outdoor events or attending community parties and fetes. 

We make it easy for our consultees to reach us at any time of day at no cost to themselves. We design interactive websites and arrange a freephone number and a freepost address.

For more details of our estate regeneration work, please see our Kilburn Estate Regeneration page.